IMG_0024In 2015 NHKGIF became a member of the International Federation of Sea Kayak Guide and Instructor Associations and is now able to certify sea kayak guides and instructors at the highest level; with the toughest standards attainable for sea kayak guides.

To become a IFSKGIA certified guide requires a serious investment of training, course work, and a long guide apprenticeship but without these strict guidelines very few guides would voluntarily put themselves through adequate and tough enough guide training.

As a member of the International Federation of Sea Kayak Guide & Instructor Associations (IFSKGIA) NHKGIF is committed to following the international standards for certifying guides and instructors. IFSKGIA established the highest international standards for certifying sea kayak guides; following these standards is of utmost importance as all those who paddle with a guide will notice the immense difference from highly qualified IFSKGIA guides to those who have little to no qualifications.

Sea Kayak Guide: A person who assumes responsibility or assists with the responsibility on a commercial sea kayak trip in a marine environment for people who have paid for the trip and expect that a responsible trip leader is a part to the price they paid.

Sea Kayak Instructor: A person who instructs or educates in all the various elements that fall naturally under the activity of paddling a sea kayak at sea on a lake.

A commercial sea kayak trip is categorized as: a paddling trip in sea kayaks that is longer than 2 km for the launching point and/or includes one or more consecutive days.